Anthiliawaters - The Miles Without You

ARTIST: Anthiliawaters
TITLE: The Miles Without You
FORMAT: 2x12"
A-SIDE: The Glades,  Smooth Rotation
B-SIDE: Morning Coffee,  Walking Without You
C-SIDE: Midnight,  Invisible
D-SIDE: Digging Up,  End With Goodbye
DATE: April 2017

Anthiliawaters has set out to explore the cold and almost isolated unknown with their stunningly lush Detroit-influenced album. Warm, jazzy synth pads supplying a melodic counterpart to the softly crunching, electro-tinged beats. A solid home listening fare for the living room that draws parallels to the beautiful and mysterious world of Drexciya and almost continues the journey of the highly popular The Other People Place - "Lifestyles Of The Laptop Cafe". Being an almost unseen digital only release since 2008, the time couldn't be more perfect for a reissue for the vinyl lovers. Anthiliawaters will take you with them on their soundtrack to life. Making moments, not music for moments.

Anthiliawaters is Gosub.
Digitally released at Isophlux Records in 2008.