Audio Riot - Weltschmerz

ARTIST: Audio Riot
TITLE: Weltschmerz
A-SIDE: DiscoslutChildren Of The Puppet Parade
B-SIDE: InterectionKeystrokeHeaven Bound
DATE: April 2004

What happens when you mix the electro-techno chaos of Detroit with some Danish analog bliss?
Ryan Brogan and Christian Bloch present a first collaborative effort as Audio Riot. The tracks breathe new life into dirty electro from the 313.
This collaboration is causing a major stir in the dark city since their first tour together in 2001 and is unexpected output from Bloch, who has had huge success with his dub and minimal techno on labels like LL, Tresor, Deep Night Essentials and Restructured. No less surprising is it to see Motor, 2030 and Mission techno purist Ryan Brogan behind this electro-orgy."

Two djs, one from Detroit and one from Denmark have been writing tracks together for the last three years. The first ever live performances by Christian Bloch and Ryan Brogan took place in 2001 in cities like Toronto, Hamilton and Detroit.
Live minimal techno and deep Detroit electro combined with marathon dj sets were well received by audiences in North America.

Push forward to 2002, Christian Bloch relocates to Detroit and the two start work on new materal. The result is an album of electro. With intent to fuse the deep electro sounds of Detroit and Europe and incorporate live lyrics and melodic structures, the tracks are a diversion from the minimal sounds of previous live material.

The new sound of Audioriot and specifically the live performance is a full-throttle collage of tracks ranging from Christian's releases on Tresor, Restructured, Deep Night Essentials, Simple Muzik, the unreleased electro material from 2002 and 2003 and a fusion of their DJ sets. The live performance is not simply knob twisting. It is not pushing play on sequencers and letting tracks go. It is improvisation and LIVE action.
The two are not content to emulate the current sound of techno. Like labels such as Axis, Transmat, Planet E and electro camps in Holland and Berlin, the two strive to push techno levels beyond the nightclub, out on the fringe, but don't take themselves too seriously.
With Ryan having relocated to New York and the two maintaining a full calendar of dates in North America and Europe, performances are limited.

A level of preparation and focus on conceptual performances is key to a successful show.