Dynarec - Legendary Days

ARTIST: Dynarec
TITLE: Lengendary Days
A-SIDE: Anti Material WayCaged TrainWhite Consumption
B-SIDE: Legendary DaysAqua MotionDragon Capture
DATE: August 2005

After the two Ep´s and the incredible album at Delsin Records, Dynarec has just recently put out a fine 12" at Marco Passarani´s label Nature with another album coming here aswell. Rumors say that this will be containing tracks from the same periode as "User Input". We can´t really wait can we?

KONDI is proud to present this 12" with tracks from this talent with strong parallels to the sound of Drexciya and Elecktroids. Without being a 100% copy of these classics Dynarec is able to fill in some very emotional and melodic workout that makes you wonder; how is he able to do that? Playing piano since he was 6 years old could be an answer to his performing skills.

He has just started his own label with the more straight forward techno side of himself called Vaporwave. In fact Dynarec has never really been an electro freak. He just let things come and go. The first minute some soft and very melodic stuff - the other some real hard techno tracks with strong references to both Germany and Detroit.

This 12" is for sure an electro masterpiece that reminds me of the aquatic world of Drexciya. Very nice and emotional tracks with an incredible use of bass, rhythm and pads that makes the tracks seem very simple, effective and still advanced enough to make them damn interesting!

For those who don´t know this guy I recommend you go check out whatever is available in the stores. Especially if you are a big fan of the lovely sounduniverse of James Stinson and his aliases. In fact as much as he could variate his style - so can Dynarec. You simply don´t know what you get.

Label image original by Jim Delillo /USA.

12" R-Cam - Delsin 038
12" The Lost Souls - Delsin 044
LP/CD User Input - Delsin 046
12" Eiso-X - Vaporwave 001
12" Distant Signal - Nature 2128