Gosub - We Are Still Searching

TITLE: We Are Still Searching
A-SIDE: We Are Still SearchingIn This LifeMessage Shadows
B-SIDE: Sordon's LoveThe SoundHeart Breaker
DATE: March 2006

The Isophlux man Shad T. Scott aka Gosub from Miami presents a very beautiful and variated release, that continues from where he left; the superb Frustrated Funk and Device releases. Smooth sound, great rhythm programming and fantastic pads and melodies. What else do we need? More or less every track contains lyrics and "Message Shadows" is a short hiphop track made together with his friend on the mic; Big L.!

Shad has been making music since the early days of Miami Bass, Techno, and Electro. Starting off as a very green studio assistant in the late eighties / early nineties for local South Florida studios, working with local hip-hop and Electro bass producers, Shad learned and sharpen his production skills to the point of being one of the top programmers in South Florida.

During this time the Detroit / European Techno movement was in high gear and Shad got the bug. While working on studio projects around Miami Shad started saving any little money he made and became a pawn shop gear whore, "Back then there was no E-Bay you just had to ride around and hit pawn shops trying to find that poor unfortunate person down on their luck that had to pawn their old 808 drum machine or synth. It usta be exciting when you would actually find something that was not busted or was straight corny sounding cigarette burnt crap." Collecting what minimum tools he could afford Shad starting defining his own sound by mixing the Miami influence with what was going on in Europe and Detroit.

In 1994 Shad met up with another local artist / idea guy named Seven (Now know for his respected label Chocolate Industries) who was a promoter promoting his parties around the South Florida area with his Sugar Family crew. Seven and Shad had similar taste in music and ideas and came up with the idea of starting their own label. In 1995 they started Isophlux Records as an outlet for local Miami artist like Greg Chin, Edward Bobb, and Shad himself. Their first release was Shad's Sand Pail 12" which is know to be the spark that started the Southern Florida IDM / Electronic movement that inspired labels like Schematic and Beta Bodega. After the success of this release Seven and Shad followed up with a timeless release by Greg Chin and others. The birth of Isophlux...

In 1996 Shad is asked by record produced Glen Ballard to move out to Los Angelas and start working for him as his programmer on projects like No Doubt, Alanis Morissette, and others. Shad also met up with Edward Sherman to program and record sound tracks like Blue Streak and Cruel Intentions. During this time Shad's own projects got put on hold due to such a heavy work schedule, but still releasing other artist projects with Isophlux. A year after moving to LA Shad met up with artist Lustmord A.K.A. Brian Williams and became good friends. This lead to Shad asking Lustmord if he would like to do a improvisational live radio performance together which lead to the release of Lustmord vs Metal Beast Album "Open Towers Emerge" on the Side Effect imprint. In 1998 till 2000 Shad and Chris Fogel open up a small Protools studio in downtown Santa Monica as a production space for their music & film score projects. The relocation to L.A. was a learning experience that was fun but for Shad L.A. never felt like home.

In 2000 Shad moved to Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York to get away from the craziness of L.A... Setting up shop quickly Shad decided to just work on Isophlux as a full-time. A steady amount of releases came out by L'usine, Wyndell Long, iYunx, and others. The next year in 2001 Shad and a good friend started a record pressing factory in Sunset Park, Brooklyn called Techlyn Record Pressing.

In 2003 with the demise of Techlyn and other issues Shad decided to move back to Florida and take some time away from music and the high speed environment he was in to just relax down in the Florida Keys. with old friends. With over a year in holiday mode Shad had the need to get back into the game and start getting back to the music he loves Electro. With new activity he had to make a decision to start the Isophlux imprint or to let it sleep and find new outlets for his music. He decided to start looking for these new outlets.

Currently Shad has been working on a number of new Gosub releases for labels such as Device Records, Frustrated Funk and others. Look for more to come soon....

Label image original by Boris Peterka.