Luke Eargoggle - Atari Nightshifts

CAT.: kondi012 
ARTIST: Luke Eargoggle
TITLE: Atari Nightshifts
A-SIDE: I Play Live And ChessPuzzle KidI Do For You
B-SIDE: In The Hour Of PowerAll Engines Work
Bronx Warrior
DATE: January 2006

KONDI is back with a brandnew Eargoggle release. There has been some rumours about a future 2x12" release with Luke Eargoggle at KONDI, but unfortunately the time wasn´t right. Though, do not worry... We took the best of the best and tweaked the black shiny vinyl to the limits! 

"Atari Nightshifts" is an incredible strong and pure 6 track electro record with the sounds of the past and tomorrow. With strong influences like Kraftwerk and Dopplereffekt, it takes us to a different level and exploats the unique worlds of "Puzzle Kid" and "Bronx Warrior" (note: this track has been stripped down from 9.30 min. to fit the record, and no, it´s not meant for 45 rpm). 

With phat analougue basslines, beautyful and sad melodies Luke once again shows us his amazing skills when it comes to originality and love for oldschool production methods. "All Engines Work" is a class-result of this! A true killer on the floor! 
After months of hard work it has definitely turned out to be the best Eargoggle 12" so far. Judge for yourselfes... 

Welcome to the future!

Luke runs his own wellknown electro-label "Stilleben Records" and is know for his amazing releases at both this label and Bunker Records / Clone (NL).