Luke Eargoogle - Flexible Views

ARTIST: Luke Eargoogle
TITLE: Flexible Views
A-SIDE: All Fritid Ar StilRotating SoulsBlack Coffee
B-SIDE: Freaks Are SpinningFlexible ViewsKondi Dreams
DATE: September 2004

Born in the 70´s Luke Eargoggle did not know he would produce electro music but afterwords, if he would have looked into the stars, he and his family would have known what was waiting ! His father was an autistic kontra bass player who left after a few years of family life and nobody knows what he´s doing at this moment or if he´s even alive.
Raised with all kinds of acoustic music oldschool electro came like a tornado with Egyptian Lover and others in the mid 80´s. After listening to that alot and painting graffiti for years other interests came in the way and the electro misson was almost forgotten ... But then in 1997 a friend of his went to the US for studying and left his studio at Eargoggles house.

"Use it if you like" he said - and so Luke did. After producing and experimenting for some time electro came back like a flashback from the past. Today he lives in Sweden, Gothenburg in a house by the sea where he can be left alone to make what he´s meant to do. This release on Kondi records is truly one of his best work so far. Six tracks of the purest electro sounds you can get, all designed from a visonary brain to black shiny plastic vinyl!

Luke runs his own wellknown electro-label Stilleben Records and is known for his amazing releases at both this label and Bunker Records / Clone (NL).