Rutherford - Cessna

ARTIST: Rutherford
TITLE: Cessna
A-SIDE: ClosureCabinfever ReliefNo Drama
B-SIDE: Atomic Arc TwoSurface Barrier, In Memory Of Feelings Felt
DATE: April 2005

Rutherford was brought up in the swedish countryside, on dansband, countrymusic and classical stuff his parents played. This overlapped into french and german electronics in the late seventies, and, being just a kid, very much enjoyed the combination of this desolate sensitive space-music and building alternate civilisations with Lego and kitmodels.

As the mid-eighties passed, a more cinematic gorey twist caught his attention, with the horror/scifi/in- dustrial sounds of canadian and benelux bands.
This lead into wanting to compose music, and the opportunity came around 88 when he borrowed a synth from a relative and bought an Atari together with his brother. Various constellations were formed, and a few liveshows took place. Still living in a small town, he was starving for a new angle in music, and this came from a friends friend who sent mixtapes of the flourishing european techno/acid scene of colored vinyls and machineworship in the early nineties.
After moving to Gothenburg in ´95, he caught up with composing again. After some years there, he met up with people into similar music and they begand arranging clubnights and parties, both doing liveshows and playing other local and domestic venues.
Part of the results of theses collaborations have been released on labels Stilleben and Créme Organization.

For the Kondi release "Cessna", he brought together recordings made over a two year period, with newer impressions of life itself. A reflection of sharp turns, desicions and existensialism that carthartically had to come out and Kondi gave birth to this child of pain and yearning.