The Consumer - Financial Advisory

CAT.: kondi011 
ARTIST: The Consumer
TITLE: Financial Advisory
A-SIDE: InformationLooking For The CodeData Storage
B-SIDE: It´s About TimePart Of My LifeFinancial Advisory
DATE: October 2005

Finally, as promised, The Consumer presents the second part of the album - Your Soul For Access. 

After the stunning debut-release that received a lot of great reviews, this release sounds more "wise" than the first one. The Consumer seems to bring up some "advisory" with a wide range of styles going from the simple and raw oldschool side of electro to the more fine and digital sound combined with a lot of mad and dark lyrics that brings each track a little higher. 

6 very different tracks that for sure makes it a record to own. Freaky stuff with a lot of surrealism and 3rd dimension and still you find some tracks with a simple structure - keeping it all down to earth. Again it´s easy to hear the love for the analogue technology - basses are fat and drums synthetic and often only recognizable when a 808-bassdrum enters. “A part of my life” has been played several times on I-F´s cybernetic broadcasting system.

The consumer-sound can be described as a unique atmospheric, but yet very dry and sharp sound that includes alot of small crazy elements. Should easily remind you of the early days with homecomputers and analogue synths. Inspired by the raw sound of Detroit - moving on to a more open and warm "world" with influences from James Stinson and Gerald Donald. The melodies are all very emotional and create the ideal sound behind KONDI.

It´s beginning to be more a question of adding feelings to the releases than just make a party going. When thinking of the alltime filosophy at KONDI; only originality matters - The Consumer could easily make it as a trademark of the label itself...