The Consumer - Solve The System


ARTIST: The Consumer
TITLE: Solve The System
Additive MetricsWavelength DivisionRadiology Reference
B-SIDE: Solve The SystemDissociaty IdentitySuperior

DATE: February 2007

Amazing, cold and mysterious science sounds are probably the first words to come, when listening to this new piece of art from the dark caves of Scandinavia. The Consumer has returned with the 3rd ep which is again slightly different from past productions; Your Soul For Access and Financial Advisory.

It’s electro like we want it with the unique edge of coldness and lack of identity. But where the two other releases where between the past and the future, with the fine combination of oldschool drumsets and todays digital pads, this is absolutely way into the future! Drawing parallels to both the world of Dopplereffekt and Arpanet it still manages to be very different and The Consumer has quite well establish his/her/their own sound based on different emotional feelings, techniques and creativity according to the use of analogue and digital expressions. 

Even though it all seems cold and strange there’ll again be tracks for all kinds of taste. Bring out the consumer in yourself and check out this record immediately!

The consumer-sound can be described as an unique atmospheric, but yet very dry and sharp sound that includes alot of small weird elements. Could easily remind you of the early days with homecomputers and analogue synths. Inspired by the raw sound of Detroit - moving on to a more open and warm "aquatic world" with influences from James Stinson and Gerald Donald. The melodies and pads are all very emotional and create the ideal sound behind KONDI.

It's indeed more a question of adding feelings to the releases than make a party going. When thinking of the alltime filosophy at KONDI; only originality matters - The Consumer could easily make it as a trademark of the label itself.