The Consumer - Your Soul For Access

ARTIST: The Consumer
TITLE: Your Soul For Access
A-SIDE: Your Soul For AccessLow BufferWhen I Sleep
B-SIDE: DatacareLove Fades AwayAudio Designing
DATE: December 2004

It's with great honor KONDI introduces this new phenomenon. In a world where everybody is in a need of buying, using and wasting products, whether its electronics or non-electronics, just to get entertained, this electro artist surely takes the listener back in time placing pure focus on what we as human are able to produce and able to control. After more or less 3 years with gear replacement, replacing hardware with software, the Consumer comes up with the debut Ep "Your Soul For Access".
Well, in fact it doesn't sound like software at all which also has been the biggest challenge when creating this Ep.
All made with the analogue technology and soul in mind. A strong record with 6 tracks of pure, raw and dry elements and a touch of oldschool electro - including dark and pitched lyrics.
The record was created as a product of a strong period going from spring to autumn, with love, a lot of electro; Egyptian Lover to Dopplereffekt and a lot of work in studio, study and experience.
The sound itself can be described as atmospheric, moving and with alot of small crazy elements that reminds you of classic computersounds and analogue synths. Inspired by the raw and unique sound of Le Car - moving on to a more open and warm "world" of Drexciya with a twist of the darkness from den Haag. The listener might ofcourse find alot of other parallels..
Always on the search for the most raw and simple structure in sound, combined with interesting rhythm and bass that for sure should satisfie any electrohead. 
Once for all the record shows you in which direction KONDI is moving.

Note: the Consumer is Ruben Andersen.


Ruben Anderson brings us six tracks of pure electro funk with no rules, under his Consumer alter ego. Made with analogue technology and soul in mind, ranging from the moving, melodic sounds of When I Sleep to the more dirty, raw style of the title track. Blatant influences on this EP range from the old school sounds of Kraftwerk and Egyptian Lover, to the modern day aquatic depths of Drexciya, Keith Tucker and Underground Resistance. Tip!

This is a very enjoyable romp through the sound of electro. From perky, to full on dark, via a european style... All bases are covered with style and aplomb. Very playable stuff that should easily make it's way into any number of dj sets. Check.

Six superb tracks in the vein of Dopplereffekt and early Le Car productions. Excellent futuristic electro full of stone cold funk! Highly recommended.